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Is There REALLY a

Free Destination Wedding?


A Little Information About Free Weddings

Custom Destination Weddings offers brides, grooms and all couples a variety of wedding options that meet your budget and needs. Free destination weddings are real. Many locations offer specific wedding packages that come complimentary with the resort sty. Often there are room booking minimums, category minimus, minimum lengths of stay in order to get the ceremony included with your stay. So is the 'wedding' free? The answer is yes. Is the wedding experience free? The answer is no.

What is in the fine print?

The fine print includes the details. The devil is in the details. Wedding details and upgrades are not included, fees for legal ceremonies are not included, certain selections are limited within the packages offered, such as flowers, cake and other elements. Many couples want a wedding arch of flowers on the beach. These specific arches are not included in the packages that are complimentary. The packages shown online often are the highest level packages with all of the upgrades. This is where our services align with your needs. Many couples think that they can navigate this sea of sales alone, and some do. Others need a trusted planner by their side to prevent any missed details, ask all the right questions and advocate on your behalf. Remember- expedia does not advocate or have individual connections like Custom Destination Weddings.

What resorts offer these packages?

Most all major hotel chains offer complimentary wedding packages. Sandals offers one of the best packages around, followed by Hard Rock resorts. Both are completely different destinations. Sandals is romantic and fun and couples abound each property and embellish it with love and romance. Sandals offers completely customizable weddings and we can help you get a free wedding test drive and go to the resort for a couple of nights- on us.


Learn how to get my free test drive for my wedding

Check out the Customizable Wedding Inspirations Below that are completely Limitless!






Sandals Resorts offer the most perks for your wedding, and really get it done right. Hard Rock and UNICO Resorts have a completely different feel and offers guests a fun and hip vibe without sacrificing some romance along the way- Rock Star Style.

Plan a Free Wedding You Will Never Forget

How well does your body feel when you hear the words FREE WEDDING*?


We bet it sounds like all the presents you can get on a Christmas morning without any of the costs or an all-you-can-eat-buffet where you don’t have to pay any penny.

Let’s put it this way; the free wedding package gets you feeling way past those exciting scenarios.

Kick your wedding up a notch by getting swift access to our special free wedding bonus that allows you to enjoy all the benefits you can get when planning your wedding. 

When you stay 3 nights or longer at any of our resorts, you get your wedding done FREE*
So the first question that strikes is the same as anyone's. 

What you get in the FREE WEDDING* package?

Imagine the perks only get better from the moment you qualify for the FREE WEDDING* 
An amazing wedding venue
A stunning cake
Pre-recorded music of your choice
And many more added perks that come with the complimentary wedding package. 
One thing to note is that as soon as this package is unlocked, all the essentials are taken care of, so you don’t have to worry about doing anything. Simply arrive at the venue and get ready to enjoy the time of your life.


Why should you choose the package?

If everyone can choose a FREE WEDDING, no one would want the stress of doing it all on their own.  
The best part about planning your special wedding with Custom Destination Weddings is that we have partnered with the best hotels worldwide to make customizing your destination wedding easy.
We understand the challenges wedding planning brings and are experienced in dealing with them at every turn.
The FREE WEDDING package is activated when you stay 3 nights or longer at any of our partnered resorts. And the best part of it is that the longer you stay at either the Sandals Resorts or Hard Rock Hotels, the more rewards you receive for your wedding.
This FREE WEDDING package is a way for us to reward you for your patronage and to invite you to explore the highest reaches of our hospitality.

With Custom Destination Weddings, you get a team of women who are entirely invested in making your dream day a day you’ll never forget.
We are a team of like-minded women with diverse backgrounds who are creative, ethical, good-hearted, and hardworking with an unwavering love for travel. We bring our dedication and passion for excellence to every project and every client to craft a day tailored to their specifications and surpass their goals.

What you get from our Wedding Team with the FREE WEDDING package includes;
A personal wedding planning concierge
Prepared marriage documents
Spa and relaxation services at mouthwatering discounts 
Guest Chairs
Bouquet and boutonniere
Pre-recorded Music
Stunning ceremony location
2 Tiered Wedding Cake
Cocktail and drinks
Table settings and decorative centerpiece for the head table, and more

We don’t just stop at your FREE WEDDING. 
When you stay for 3 nights or longer for your honeymoon, you get;
Breakfast in bed
Romantic turndown service on your first evening
Honeymoon dinner in a specialty restaurant.
The best part of it still comes with more than you can dream.
The more people you bring with you, the more perks you receive.
The longer you stay, the more you get.


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