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Wedding Day- Stop and Smell the Roses!

Using Your Sense of Smell to make the Best Wedding Ever- Stop and Smell YOUR Roses!

Nothing in the world smells as good as a fresh spring day, when the flowers start to bloom and everything wakes up from winter’s harsh days. Those scents bring memories!

Memories are created through the 5 senses. What better memories come from having the wedding of your dreams? If you do not apply your five senses for the wedding, the chance of your memories being solid simply don’t exist.

What is your favorite sense? Smell, taste, touch, hearing, or sight? Your favorite one will be what creates the most memories for you. Did you know that people who smell good are automatically more attractive? For people who have lost one of the senses, there is a heightened awareness with the other senses that exist.

My favorite sense is smell. Smell is a sense that reminds you of feelings you had in your past. When you smell an apple pie or the smell of Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen, it can bring you immediately to a moment- a memory- and that memory generates feelings. What feelings would you like to have on your wedding day? When you select flowers for your wedding you are not only selecting the flower for its beauty, but the flower for its smell. Often brides forget to ‘Stop and smell the Roses’ on their wedding day, yet that is truly an important part. Having fragrant flowers, smells of the beach, a special perfume for yourself or cologne for you fiance play a key role in your wedding memories.

As important as it is to have scents that remind you of the perfect day, keep in mind that there are locations that have horrible scents and can destroy the memory that you are planning for you, your fiance and your family and friends. Food spoilage, dead seaweed, stagnant water can all play a part in creating one unforgettably smelly experience. Don’t let that be a part of your wedding memories!

Scents that have the most impact are ones that are present at key moments in your wedding experience. This might mean that the moment you grasp hands with the love of your life, you smell that special cologne that YOU love, and when you have that magical kiss, you smell it again. Every moment after that when you smell that fragrance, you will mentally be taken back to that most magical moment in your life.Imagine that? Wow- Carrying a memory with you triggered by merely a scent.

Often, you see aromatherapy that can transform your mood, help you sleep, decrease stress, and leave you feeling at peace. Aromatherapy is powerful! When you have an opportunity to explore your venues, destination wedding locations, and when you will have your hair and makeup done- please insure that your 5 senses are cared for. Use essential oils and a diffuser to help generate the scent that makes you feel comfortable. Not all essential oils are of the same quality, and low quality oils can quickly ruin a diffuser, and high quality oils can help you create memories and will help your diffuser work properly right when you need it to.

Think about a favorite scent that is special to you as a couple. Did you visit a rose garden while you were dating, or did you get roses when you got engaged? Did you go to a carnival for fun and you smelled cotton candy, or the fresh mountain air of Banff, Canada on a hike with your forever love? These scents mean the world. Keep those in mind when customizing your wedding flowers, times with friends and family, dinners, honeymoon night, and special moments together.

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