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Wedding Day- Top 3 Ways To Use Your 5 Senses!

Did you ever stop and think about using your 5 senses to plan your big day? What tastes remind you of certain moments in your life? That warm latte in the fall as you are cuddled up with your cozy sweater! The taste of ice cream in the summer, or a summer watermelon. Remember to consider how things taste and what they mean, so you can build memories that taste sweet into the experience for you and your guests!

Using Your Top 3 Senses So Your Wedding Day Tastes Great!

What better place to create lifelong moments than in a kitchen? Many times throughout the year we spend countless hours creating meals and desserts to provide nourishment, enhance experiences with friends, celebrate the harvest, or gather together in Thanksgiving with friends and family. Food draws people closer, and creates a situation that can have solid reminders of good times and bad.

Think of foods that you love? Pizza, Chocolate, your favorite ice cream, the summer fresh fruit, a fresh mango that tastes like candy, or the creamy goodness of cheese. What makes you love these foods, how do you like to enjoy them? Raw, fried, baked, frozen, warm or cold- different ways to enjoy food, create memories that can last a lifetime. Have you considered what foods will create memories for your big day?

When you begin thinking of the foods that are important to you, think about the tastes you love. Don’t focus on what guests will like. This is your day! Focus on what foods will create memories for you, and what foods bring back great thoughts from your past. Some food ideas might be a grilled cheese specialty bar, with a soup bar along side. This is a great comfort food that generates feelings of calmness and peace. Another example might be to provide popsicles at your reception where people can feel like kids again, or an adult slushy version.

These are ideas that have memories pre-attached for you, your fiance and your guests. Make food memories last by providing recipes or ‘to go’ boxes for the favorite foods at your reception and/or cocktail hour. This will insure that food is not wasted and guests will love the ‘doggie bag’ to take home.

Not only are foods important, but so are the beverages. Think about what beverages have memories tied to them that are positive and fun. Those are beverages that you will need at your wedding. That beverage may be a local brew or a local soda, a special hot cocoa that you shared, to an iced cocoa if it is in the summer. Make those special beverages and garnish it with something unique and different. Some creative garnishes include a fulfilled toy, a special glass swizzle stick as a keepsake, a special locket with a code inside for a great drink recipe! A milkshake bar, a coffee bar for after dinner, or even a homemade lemonade bar. Enjoy what you love, and your guests will too!

Choosing Your Signature Cocktails

Some couples select a signature cocktail to be served up at the reception, but may not select a signature appetizer. These signature foods provide a personalized stamp on your big day! A fun way to incorporate your signature foods are to label those fun foods, as the ‘Official cocktail of your wedding- official dessert, official appetizer, etc. This keeps it fun and not too stuffy.

People love food. People need food, and people want to create experiences with food. The experience that you will create on your big day should be positive and one that someone else would want to replicate. How best to replicate this? Provide samples to take home! Who does this? Right now- no one. Having guests take home the food from your wedding is a great way to have guests remember your big day and talk about it with everyone else! Having great food keeps your wedding at the front of the pack.

Unique, different and a gift for each guest. This is how you want folks to leave your wedding- upbeat, full, having had the time of their lives.

Please check out our next series that focuses on the fabulous wedding choices to tempt you palate! What foods or special drinks do you love? #imafoodie #love #simpletravelsolutions #foodislove

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