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The Number 1 Way to Delete Wedding Stress NOW

Often, taking time for yourself during this stressful journey gets placed on the backburner. We at Custom Destination Weddings take your stress level very seriously! Here is a way to delete that stress and use some much need time for you!

Dreaming of your big day? Let’s DO IT!

This is what makes Custom Destination Weddings extra special, and why so many brides are so eager to work with us! We share your vision for the destination wedding of a lifetime! We use a series of guided imagery sessions to enhance and develop the wedding of your dreams. This process requires that the bride and groom be fully ‘engaged’ in the process. We work through each step with the most incredible amount of detail. We consider each of your senses and guide you through every moment in the process. These are the moments that you dream of. We steer you toward your dream and away from the negative impacts that can crush that dream in a matter of minutes or seconds.

This is a guided romantic journey taken together with your fiance, with points along the way that assess you and your beloved. Is this a meditation? No, this is a personalized virtual reality that enhances and guides your engagement journey.

Imagine this- a moderately sun-filled day, with a gentle breeze that does not destroy your hair, but allows it to flow gently on your shoulders, while keeping you relaxed and cool in the summer sun. Your make-up is perfect, every jewel in place, your engagement ring is sparkling in the sun, and your mother’s diamond from her own engagement ring is around your neck. You think- hmmmmmm, what an incredible day-where is he?- when will I see him?- what will he think?- Do I look OK?- Is this really what I want?- I just love the water- what a perfect setting for my day- this is really going to happen-how do stay in the moment?- then, all of a sudden, you hear the music softly playing in the background.-OMG It is the song that played the first night you danced with him- but it is soft, as not to overshadow the waves lapping at your pink sparkle toenail polish and beaded beach slippers.

Something tells you- turn around, so-slowly- you look at your flowers and smell the orchids and lemongrass, and think- will I see him? Who is here? and there he is- the most incredible man you have ever met- with a gentle soft smile, and a small tear that he must wipe away, for fear that you might see. He slowly walks down the steps next to a glistening pool and then to the beach never noticing anyone but you. He stops for a moment beside your mom- he whispers something in her ear, and gives her a small glistening card. You wonder- what did he do? My mom means the world to me, what an awesome man- I am actually going to marry him- kind of now….. He pauses and looks at you and gives you an ever so thoughtfully slow wink as he approaches the alter. Your friends that mean the most to you, are smiling and their eyes are filled with wells of water, but with sincere smiles that you have seen many times.

Now- Slowly open your eyes and breathe- bringing you back to this moment in your journey-the perfect wedding moment. WOW- Was that amazing, or what? Just reading the story, you knew where you were. Every moment of your journey with Custom Destination Weddings is filled with an escape, a check-in on your feelings, and genuine consideration for making this engagement journey one to remember, one that is spectacular and truly, like no other.

Customizing your journey, guiding you through every moment, focusing on positive aspects, and derailing the negative. THIS IS US. This is what we do. We are powerful and strong advocates for your journey, and will insure that the details are the focus and your dream becomes your reality.

Join the exclusive group of engaged couples who partner with Custom Destination Weddings to make their journey spectacular and their wedding everything they have ever DREAMED it would be and more!

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