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Wedding Planning Services


Laid Back

This service provides an easy laid back experience for you and your guests.

Don’t have hours and hours to devote to wedding planning? This service provides an easy, low-key experience for you and your guests.

First, we meet with you to get a feel for your wedding vision. Whether you’re going for a beaches-and-bare-feet vibe or just a smaller gathering, our Laid Back service helps ensure that your wedding has a casual, intimate feel at the destination of your choice. With so many enviable locations to choose from, it’s our pleasure to help you narrow down your search while keeping the process fuss-free and easy. 



This service provides an easy supportive connection that is very familiar with working with destination resorts. Indulgent packages are for couples that want more involvement and are detailed driven.

For detail-driven couples who want more involvement, our Indulgent service is the perfect match. Let us leverage our expertise in partnering with destination resorts to provide you with a smooth, supportive planning experience.  

To start, we meet with you to understand your lifestyle, vision and budget and determine the ideal resorts and locations that meet your needs and expectations. No detail is too small as we help you customize every step along the way. Sandals is a preferred partner, but we know every resort by heart and can even help you get a free wedding test drive. 



This service is for couples that are truly making this an over the top experience. These couples are actively involved, yet have such a large wedding that there is a need for the Custom Destination Weddings team to take care of every detail.

Like our Indulgent service, but with whipped cream and a cherry on top. This package was made for couples seeking a truly over-the-top experience, or for those planning such a large wedding that even the most detail-oriented couple needs a guiding hand.

Our Lavish service is for couples with extraordinarily large events or weddings that are highly detailed and require consistent attention and ongoing support. With the Lavish package, we customize and handle every aspect of your wedding journey from start to finish. Because we know that your once-in-a-lifetime event demands a best-in-class planning experience. 

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