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Endless Possibilities with Customizable Weddings at Sandals Luxury Included ™All-Inclusive Resorts

Test Drive Your Wedding

Making Your Happily-Ever-After Dreams a Reality

Planning your wedding by yourself can take months or years. In other instances, some just never get to it. Imagine not having the best day of your life. Not having to share that special moment with the one you love with your family and friends.

Wedding planning can be hectic. With so many decisions to make, such as; flowers, food, drinks, entertainment, décor, clothes, accessories, venues, and lots more, your wedding to-do list just keeps piling up by the day until you get to that tipping point that makes or breaks your entire event.

What you don’t want is to blindly accept that you cannot have the wedding of your dreams. You should be able to look at where you want to perform your special ceremony and be satisfied with how it looks and the feeling it evokes. If you have traveled all over your state or country and need that extra something, you need to think outside the box.


Destination Weddings Like You Have Never Seen

With destination weddings, you have the chance to take a trip within a trip. You take everyone on a journey that becomes an important part of your story and includes them in your lasting memories. 

Destination weddings tell of more than the event itself. It weaves together the perfect love story that includes every cake tasting, food tasting, sips, pours, laughter, and smiles that are included in your event.

At Custom Destination Weddings, we are a team of like-minded and creative women who will help you make your dreams a reality. With a long list or brochure of unique custom destination wedding venues worldwide, such as the luxurious Sandals Resorts and the beautiful Hard Rock Hotels in our partnership list, you are assured of that perfect destination wedding that you will never forget.


Take A Test Drive

Before Your Big Day

Like luxury cars that you can take a test drive before you choose that one that smells like buttery leather and cocoons you in ultimate comfort, you can test drive your wedding and experience what you’ll get beforehand.

We provide a service like no other.

Take A Test Drive Now

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