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Hard Rock Weddings

Beautiful Weddings set in serene destinations at Hard Rock Resorts

Every venue just doesn’t fit everyone.

It’s a given. You may look through a thousand venues and planners and not find the right fit. That’s why we, at Custom Destination Weddings, help you increase your options by providing interesting venues for your event.

So, why not choose a beautiful, all-inclusive destination that will weave its magic into your happily ever after? Hard Rock Hotels have an interesting selection of uniquely and beautifully designed hotels that will match your dream wedding in selected countries in the world. 

Hard Rock Hotels have different branches that spot beautiful sandy beaches, rooftop terraces, ocean fronts, sky rooms, and glittering chapels to transform your day into a beautiful one.

Our Dominican Republic, Mexico- Cancun, Los Cabos, Vallarta, and Riviera Maya Hard Rock Hotels destinations are what dreams are made of. We don’t just do weddings. At Hard Rock Hotels, we create memories that cover any celebration, including; honeymoon, anniversaries, renewals, vacations, getaways, vow renewals, reunions, milestones, bachelor/bachelorette events, and incentive groups. Reward your employees with an incentive getaway!

Start weaving your magic today.



Why We Are Different

We understand weddings and the feelings that come with them. We stand out because we customize our services to every client. To personalize every client’s experience and make it unforgettable, we always include new scenic destinations to our list and go all out to provide an all-inclusive service wherever we are.

At Custom Destinations Weddings, we are an all-woman team dedicated to ensuring that your customizable wedding is exactly as you want it. We pay attention to the details and craft an interesting story from your arrival to your departure.





Our Packages

Dominican Republic

Get in the spirit of paradise at Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Experience gaming action at its finest at the biggest casino in the Caribbean. Enjoy lustrous waves, sunny and sandy beaches, exhilarating nightlife, fun at its peak, and an event like no other at this Hotel.


Choose Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana


Mexico- Cancun

Soak up the Cancun magic at Hard Rock Hotel Mexico-Cancun. Our Cancun branch provides you with grand scenery, beautiful people, a mix of food and cultures, and entertainment like never before.

Plan a remarkable event today at the best destination and with the best team in the market.


Choose Hard Rock Hotel Mexico-Cancun

Los Cabos

Soak yourself in the wealth of Mexican culture at the Hard Rock Hotel, Los Cabos. This hotel comes packed with relaxing pools, an ocean view, and the never-stopping heart of Mexican music and entertainment. 

Take a vacation, plan an event, and share a wonderful experience with the people close to you.


Choose Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos



Get all you want in a custom destination wedding at Hard Rock Hotel, Vallarta. Set on a beachfront, this all-inclusive hotel has the best selection of lush greenery and beautiful sandy beaches to help you achieve that select but memorable event.

We will help you create a beautiful experience by crafting an enjoyable tale of support, laughter, and lots of emotion.


Choose Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta 


Riviera Maya

At this all-inclusive Hard Rock Hotel, you can explore the white sandy beaches and legendary structures that frame your event and add a little mileage to your story. Hard Rock Riviera Maya’s exploding flavors, signature rooms, and salty snorkeling water make it an adventure-filled destination for you.

Choose Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya

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